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How confident are you?

How Confident are you? Check your Handwriting for Clues

Your handwriting can provide you with a quick and unique way to check your level of confidence. Because the minute you set pen to paper, your confidence – or lack of it is immediately obvious

2 Comments / 2281 View / February 7, 2011


How to be Popular – an Impossible Dream?

What if you could come up with a secret talent or an unusual and fascinating kind of interest that would give you confidence and make you feel a lot differently about yourself?

5 Comments / 54 View / April 20, 2010

Showing what he feels

Some Feelings are Impossible to Hide

We hide our feelings because we are scared that a display of emotion will cause us embarrassment or possibly get us into trouble.

5 Comments / 456 View / March 16, 2010

Thin handwriting

Thin Writing – what it reveals about your personality

Thin handwriting is often tall but in general it seems to be rather reluctant or hesitant about getting to the other side of the page.

4 Comments / 7041 View / February 28, 2010

Face to Face with yourself

Face to face with yourself

In my early days as a graphologist I nearly gave up when I realized that by studying graphology I would sooner or later have to come face to face with the bare facts of my own personality. It’s like looking…

9 Comments / 489 View / February 18, 2010

fat handwriting

Fat Handwriting and Personality

Teenage girls tend to use this style of handwriting quite a lot. It implies that they are very much concerned with their own day-to-day affairs, their emotions, their appearance and their entertainment.

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Pointed Handwriting- what it means

Hedgehog handwriting Here is a sample of a handwriting with sharp points and flying strokes on the t-bars that seem to dominate the whole handwriting. The middle zone is more rounded but there are so many prickly signs in this…

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