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Graphology for personal development? You must be joking!

You must be joking

Actually, I’m not joking. I’m being quite serious about it.

Graphology or handwriting analysis has a great deal to do with personal development and I’ll tell you why this is so in a moment. But before I do, I’m going to tell you about an interesting survey that shows the wide reach of graphology.

The survey comes from a poll that was conducted by Steve Pavlina about the relevance of handwriting analysis. It shows some of the most important aspects of personality that you can access through graphology.

Now I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of the survey – in fact there are one or two things that I don’t agree with and I don’t know how it was researched.  Also, Steve’s specialty is personal development – I don’t believe he is a Graphologist. But all that being said, the following is the conclusion that I found to be of particular interest:

Handwriting Analysis promotes Personal Development

Now Steve Pavlina is a major opinion leader on the internet about personal development and he chose to include this survey on his site because he associates handwriting analysis with personal development.

This has long been my own personal point of view.  I fully endorse the premise that graphology can help you to grow as a person.  And I speak from personal experience. Because, over the years, it has done wonders for my own self-understanding and I daresay, personal growth.

When you are able to explore areas of your own personality with the help of an external tool it can only serve to make you more aware – aware of your strengths and potential as well as your limitations and weaknesses.

Graphology is not for the faint of heart!

Here I must give you an aside – when I first looked into the mirror of my own personality I genuinely wimped out!

I’m not proud of it but in my own defence I must tell you that meeting yourself face to face does demand some courage.  When you catch a glimpse of yourself  in the mirror and don’t fully recognize yourself, I can promise you it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience

On reflection, I  admit that I genuinely did run scared.  So scared in fact, that I dropped Graphology like a hot coal for many months. But of course the temptation to learn more was too great and so, very very cautiously,  I tiptoed back.

Graphology on different Levels

It was then that the realization dawned on me that it’s possible to study Graphology on different levels. And you can take up graphology for many different reasons whether they are frivolous or serious.

Yes, it can provide you with countless hours of entertainment. And yes, it also makes a fascinating topic of conversation and you can easily corner the conversation at dinner parties if you so wish.

You can also peep into the personalities of current or past celebrities such as Michael Jackson or Frank Sinatra and many other famous people. All this and more is possible. But Graphology is not only for those who want to look into the personalities of the rich and famous – though it does so with remarkable accuracy.

So here is the real nugget of truth:

The real gold, I find,  lies in the fact that Graphology can help you to grow as a person – in self-understanding and in the sympathetic understanding of others.

So even though Steve’s site is not about graphology, it took his interest in the subject to give me a wake-up call.

It reminded me that a major focus of Graphology (or handwriting analysis) is about personal development and personal growth.

But there’s even more to it.

In this day and age where human understanding and human relationships are more important than ever, handwriting analysis can help us to clear away the mists of misunderstanding.

And that, in my book, says an awful lot.

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