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Face to face with yourself

Lion in the mirror

In my early days as a graphologist I nearly gave up when I realized that by studying graphology I would sooner or later have to come face to face with the bare facts of my own personality.

It’s like looking into one of those make-up mirrors where your face becomes enlarged and you can see every crease and every pore. It’s seldom a pretty sight and it takes a lot of getting used to.

You have to learn to come to terms with yourself and to see yourself as you really are. You may even have to learn to accept yourself with all those visible flaws.

But then like any student of psychology, after much self-analysis, you eventually get over that self-conscious stage and start focusing on other people.

What a pleasure! Let’s rather look at their wrinkles and flaws. It might make us feel better.

But it doesn’t – until the penny drops! Until we realize that we are all made of the same building blocks; and that the only thing that differentiates us – is that the blocks are arranged in different patterns!

Working out the arrangements and different permutations of all these patterns is really what it’s all about.

And  you really can find out a lot about yourself from the patterns in your handwriting.

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