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Graphology for personal development? You must be joking!












The Right Pen

Teacher: Andrew, your homework looks as if it is in your father’s handwriting.

Andrew: Well, I used his pen, Sir.









A Big Pill to Swallow

After much research, a pharmaceutical company worked out how to supply knowledge in pill form.

A student, heard about this and went to the pharmacy to buy some knowledge.

 Immediately he bought two pills; one for English literature and another for history.

He swallowed them both and was delighted to acquire so much information so easily. In fact, it was so successful that he went back to the pharmacy for more the next day.

”What other pills do you have?” he asked 

”I have pills for biology and economics,” replied the pharmacist.

I’ll take one of each said the student and swallowed them there and then.

Immediately he felt the world open up. He was delighted with the result. Then just as he was about to leave, he remembered his forthcoming exams.

“Do you by any chance have a pill for better handwriting?” he asked.

”Wait just a moment,” said the pharmacist. He went behind to the storeroom and brought back a huge pill and rolled it onto the counter.

“I have to take that huge pill for handwriting?” inquired the student.

“Well,” replied the pharmacist, ” a lousy handwriting has always been a big pill to swallow.”


The Hulk

What do you get if you cross a green monster with a fountain pen?

The Ink-credible Hulk.








A Matter of Choice

Teacher: I told you to write this poem out twenty times because your handwriting is so bad.

Fred: I’m sorry Miss – my arithmetic’s not so good either


The Thank you letter

Mom: Are you writing a thank you letter to Grandpa like I told you to?

Son: Yes Mom.

Mom: Your handwriting seems unusually large.

Son: Well, Grandpa’s very deaf, so I’m writing very loudly.


Graphology for personal development? You must be joking!

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