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Your Secret is Showing!

“What secret could possibly be showing?” you ask.

Secrets that have to do with your personality, of course.

The short answer is that there are certain secrets about yourself that you wouldn’t be able to hide even if you wanted to.

There in all its fragility lies your sensitive personality – open for inspection the minute you set pen to paper. Quite cringe-worthy!

But don’t worry!  Information of this nature is only available to someone who has made a study of handwriting.  And luckily there aren’t too many of those lurking about!

Which reminds me of the rather amusing note I received from a friend saying;  “Please excuse the typing but writing to a Graphologist is like walking naked through a park – you know people can see you but you desperately hope they won’t look!”

She didn’t realize that when you see a lot of this type of exposure every day, it becomes so commonplace that you don’t bother to look!

Personality Secrets

Although graphology is a detailed study, if you know anything about handwriting analysis, you will know that there are one or two personality traits that you can read off  directly from a page of handwriting fairly easily.

For example,  a large handwriting with decorative curlicues and over-sized capitals points to an exhibitionist who loves to be in the limelight.

Signs of a violent temper; an inferiority complex; or even some burning resentment from the past are fairly easy to identify too.

On the other hand, a self-effacing individual will shoot his cover as soon as he puts pen to paper because the tell-tale signs of his  timidity will show up clearly in his handwriting.

And then there are all those embarrassing traits that most of us would prefer to shove under the carpet.

For anyone who would prefer to keep these revelations hidden under the floorboards, let alone under the carpet, its reassuring to know that a detailed personality report is not so easy to come by.

And besides, as I mentioned, how many graphologists are lurking about who could unearth these secrets anyway?  So for the moment at any rate, your secret is safe!

But if you really want to delve into the recesses of your persona to unearth some of those details  – take a look at this!


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