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How to acquire Self Knowledge

How to acquire self knowledge

Trying to acquire self knowledge is like looking in a mirror but only seeing a frontal view of yourself.

Your friend watching from the sidelines can see so much more – like a crooked hem or a missing button. Or maybe she’ll notice that it’s just the wrong colour or even the wrong size for you.

Viewing your reflection in a mirror is one thing, but imagine how much more difficult it is to view your own personality!

It’s impossible to see yourself as others see you. Not only because it requires a lot of self knowledge in the first place but simply because it’s impossible to be objective about yourself.

Most people go through life without ever getting to know or understand themselves in any meaningful way.

And if you aren’t aware of your own unique qualities you certainly can’t expect to be appreciated by others.

But more importantly, without self understanding you will never be able to achieve your deepest desires or your greatest goals.

What is Self knowledge?

So what does self knowledge mean and how can you acquire it?

One of the most important sayings left to us by the Greek philosopher, Socrates was “Man know thyself.”

It’s a saying that we still quote today. So why is it so important? Why should we know ourselves?

Because a proper understanding of ourselves is essential for our personal development. If we do not understand ourselves we cannot make informed decisions or reach our full potential.

By understanding ourselves we can maintain healthy relationships, pursue goals that are right for us and cope with challenges and setbacks.

When we know our strengths and weaknesses we are in a better positions to make the important decisions that shape our lives.

Your Unique qualities

The winners in life are the ones who appreciate their unique qualities. They understand that self development and success comes from focussing on the very things that make them different.

It follows that one of the best ways to acquire self-knowledge is to take a good look at your unique qualities.

Because those qualities that make you stand out from the crowd are the very qualities that you will need to nurture and sharpen.

But how do you find those exact aspects of yourself that make you special and different?

Know your strengths

By taking a cold hard look at your strengths.

Because the most valuable thing that you can possess is a full appreciation of your strengths and ultimately of your own worth.

And here’s the big secret for your self development:

Your strengths are where your personal power resides!

Luckily it isn’t too difficult to discover your strengths. Because personality strengths are traits that stand out prominently in handwriting.

When you learn to read the underlying message of your handwriting you may even discover aspects of your personality that you have never known. Aspects that may have been there all the time – but that you never suspected.

It’s a fascinating and very worthwhile study that will give you the self knowledge you need, lead to your self-development and help you to unlock your full potential!

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