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How to Fly

How to fly

It’s Easy!

I have read many books that have disappeared into the dusty archives of my memory. But now and then there’s a book that keeps its glitter through the decades.

When you recall a memorable book like that there’s always a little something that sticks in your mind. One such book for me has been J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and Wendy.

There’s a little passage from a piece of dialogue in the book that I will always remember because it holds such a powerful message.

Peter Pan was teaching the children how to fly and it goes like this:

“Now just wiggle your shoulders this way,” he said, “and let go.”

They were all on their beds, and gallant Michael let go first. He did not quite mean to let go, but he did it, and immediately he was borne across the room.

“I flewed!” he screamed while still in mid-air.”

If only we could all wiggle our shoulders and just let go.

Maybe a little relaxation and a dusting of self-belief would help even the most cynical among us to fly too!

It’s easy!

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