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How to See Creativity in Handwriting

Creativity in Handwriting

We can all tap into the source of our creativity but we have to be brave enough to take action on our dreams.

Creative people tend to see things from a different or unique perspective. And because of their original outlook and fresh approach they are also likely to be more innovative.

Those who feel inspired become so focused and engrossed in their work that they get completely caught up in the magic of the moment in a state known as “flow.”

But the question that concerns us is how do we see evidence of creativity in handwriting?

Creativity in Handwriting

Let’s take a look at the following handwriting which is a very good example of creativity in handwriting.

It shows imagination and an ability to think creatively using original and unconventional pathways.

Creativity in handwriting

It is interesting to see how this writer’s creativity is expressed  in the rather stylish and free-flowing “k’s”,  in the graceful loops and curves as well as in the fearless use of space. The handwriting shows  self-belief in the comfortable roundedness and width between the letters.

There is a certain flamboyance in the writing which demands to be noticed while fluency and originality are obvious throughout.

Any handwriting that stands out like this as distinctive or different deserves attention because it invariably signifies uniqueness in some way. This handwriting has that unique quality.

In addition to creativity it shows a highly active imagination, personal autonomy and freedom of expression.

Real Creativity is for the Brave of Heart

Creativity takes courage.” ~Henri Matisse

While each and every one of us has a spark of creativity within us – if we want to fan the spark into a flame we have to be bold and courageous.

We have to be free-spirited and unafraid to break the mould. Because real creativity is for the brave of heart.

It is for those who can grasp and hold the challenge without weakening.

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  • bhupesh
    May 26, 2022

    creativity at the cost of destroying and breaking social values???

    • Graphology World
      May 26, 2022

      Not at all, Bhupesh. I don’t see why creativity should destroy social values. You can have social values and be creative at the same time.

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