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Awakening the Fire of Creativity

Awakening the fire of creativity

Creativity is such an important part of our lives. But in today’s busy climate we tend to neglect it.

I’ll be discussing creativity in handwriting soon but meanwhile here’s a little aside on creativity that I want to relate because of its rather rich symbolism.

It was a very cold day and we were gathered around a fire that blazed for a long time because we had dry pine wood that crackled away happily.

But eventually we had to let it die down because we wanted to go out. We didn’t want to leave the embers unattended so I filled a jug of water and sprinkled it all over the coals.

They spat and protested loudly. But they died down quickly and as soon as they were properly damped down we left.

Later that afternoon, when we returned home the the fire was dead and the house was very cold.  And unfortunately there was no way to start a new fire over wet coals.

But was there?

I took a closer look and saw that there was a solitary glowing ember under a blackened log. So I added some newspaper and watched as the paper burst into flame. I added dry twigs and some leftover dry wood and with a bit of effort the fire again lit up the room.

That solitary glowing ember in the face of all those obstacles had burst into flame.  All I did was add the right combustible material and it roared into life.

The Spark of Creativity

There are times when all the world seems to weigh heavily on us and everything seems hopeless; when the fire of our creativity dies down and we feel low and bereft of inspiration.

But there is always that one ember.

If there is just a slight residue of our former inspiration – if there is but the slightest hint of hope we can fan that ember into life.

We can add whatever is necessary to bring the spark of creativity to life again until that tiny, struggling inspiration grows and blooms into the realization of our dreams.

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