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How to See the Big Picture in Handwriting

The Big Picture

The Big Picture in Handwriting

Whenever I write a personality report for a sample of handwriting I find that it’s very easy to get caught up in trivialities.

It’s so easy to get side tracked by one or two interesting signs and then forget to focus on the main issue – the big picture.

It’s easy to get lost because there are so many facets to personality and so many signs in handwriting.

This is a serious problem because it can unbalance the whole analysis.  If you put too much emphasis on trivialities you end up with a completely distorted report.  Or even worse – a chaotic report!

I recognized this problem early on in my graphology career and realized that I would have to devise a system that would enable me to produce a more accurate report.

It seemed to me that the difficulty lay with a confusion of priorities – in short, an inability to see the big picture.

The Big Picture Secret: Dominant Trends

You will see the big picture more easily when you focus on the dominant trends or main priorities in handwriting- the important landmarks that stand out.

This, in fact, is an important part of my course where creating the big picture is a priority.  After that the details easily fall into their logical places.

Major signposts in handwriting point to important behavioural trends.  It is useless looking for the little signs and ignoring the major issues.  And yet there are so many who do just that.

They look at a letter and immediately give it a meaning without even considering the huge personality problem hovering like a giant shadow in the background.  This is the type of graphology that I have never been able to subscribe to.

So I try to bring out priorities first.  Let me give you an example.

Take a look at this handwriting

Some time ago I received the handwriting of a woman that was penned in such a fanciful style with little many embellishments, circular i-dots and inflations that it looked like one of those old illuminated manuscripts from long ago.

The big picture in handwriting

Now when you receive a handwriting like this and when the first thing that strikes you is the fancy style it’s useless to study the little individual strokes when the main big picture shouts at you!

If the overriding impression is the ornamentation of the handwriting it has to be considered first. It’s an important sign.

When you give due recognition to this then all the other little indications will slip into context and fall into their rightful place.

This is what I understand by the term “holistic graphology” –  where the little signs contribute to the whole picture but do not overshadow it.

The Big Picture Combined with a Plan

When you analyze handwriting with the big picture in mind and combine this with a logical plan, you will find that your handwriting report will have all the important priorities of the writer’s personality in place.

Not only will the report fall into place quickly and be much easier to write; but more importantly, it will be a more meaningful and more accurate portrait of the writer.

Creating the Portrait

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