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Creativity is about Connecting with Yourself

pencil and paper

Creativity is about connecting with yourself. It’s not about curating or finding other people’s quotes.

Real creativity comes from something deep inside you.

And the best way to connect with that something is not by any artificial means but with something simple and organic.

In actual fact it’s quite easy. You just need a pencil and paper. Then relax and let it flow.

You may start very tentatively but eventually your pencil will take over – and mirabile dictu, you’re on a roll.

So why a pencil and not a pen?

Because a pencil is psychologically less intimidating. And you can always erase what you don’t want. It’s not etched in stone.

You know that a pencil is about rough work. It’s the draft of a draft. It’s undemanding.

So the critical, judgemental side of your brain is stilled and you can unselfconsciously segue into the joyful flow of creativity.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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