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Are you a Perfectionist? Perfectionism can kill Creativity

Are you a perfectionist

If you think you’re a perfectionist, don’t let it dull the spark of creativity in your life.

So many of us are stressed out from trying too hard – but hitting a blank wall.

Sure we expect a lot from ourselves. It’s called ambition. But are we guilty of shifting our ambitions and stresses onto the shoulders of our children?

Are we expecting too much from them by asking them to be perfect students when we were not perfect ourselves?

Perfectionism may appear to be the ideal but in reality it’s the enemy because it often leads to disappointment. And even worse – it kills creativity because it’s all about obeying rules rather than investigating or trying out new things.

As parents and teachers we should not be moulding the minds of our children by trying to turn them into perfectionists. Rather, we should respect their individuality and celebrate their differences.

And here’s the secret:

Individuality and difference from the norm is where genius often finds the space to bloom.

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