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Graphology Courses with a personal tutor.

Graphology is all about people and personality. It concerns us all and we can all benefit from the amazing insights it gives us.

And because graphology is all about understanding people  it is a subject that can best be learned with the help of a personal coach and mentor. And that is why I have made myself available to my students.

If you need help with your studies or simply need some encouragement I am here to help. Contact me if you would like some advice with regard to choosing the course that is right for you. More about me here.


Begin your journey in personality assessment and self-discovery

Graphology Fundamentals
A Basic Course
Understanding Signs and Symbols in Handwriting
How to Identify the Signs in Handwriting
Knowing what these Signs Mean
How to apply your Knowledge to any Handwriting
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Applied Graphology
Intermediate Course
The Handwriting and Personality Connection
The Building Blocks of Personality
How Handwriting reveals Personality
Putting it all together
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Comprehensive Graphology
The Complete Graphology Course
A Professional Qualifying Course
Includes Fundamentals + Applied Graphology
Assignments with tutor support
Certificate of Completion
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