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New Year Resolution: Get a New Interest to add more Meaning to your Life

New year Resolution

New year isn’t only about making new resolutions like losing weight!

It should also be about adding new dimensions to your life such as new ideas, new friends and new interests – even new hobbies

Adding a new interest and new meaning to your life is surely one of the most important things that you can do for yourself.  And it isn’t all that difficult either. If you’re feeling dull and stale about last year’s activities, an absorbing new interest can be just the thing to bring new light into your life.

And speaking of new interests what about adding the study of handwriting to your existing skills. Particularly if you are stuck at home in bad weather, this is the perfect time to get inspired by this intriguing and stimulating subject.

Handwriting analysis makes a wonderful hobby. You can collect the handwriting samples of the rich and famous, of politicians and historical characters or of your own family and friends.  In fact, you’ll be able to uncover fascinating details about all kinds of people from their handwritings alone.

We’ve all come across people who hide behind a wall of pretence and whose real personalities are completely camouflaged. With handwriting analysis you can remove the mask in minutes.

When you study someone’s handwriting you are not only looking at the written page.  You are delving into a real live person’s feelings, and emotions and the reason for their type of behaviour.

Family members, friends and even business competitors become easier to understand.  What a win!

Of course, not to be overlooked is the actual learning experience itself.  The subject matter is totally fascinating. You can examine the handwritings of people from presidents and royalty to modern day celebrities.

No wonder so many people get hooked on the study! It gives you a whole new way of looking at things. It will make you wonder why you never tried it before!

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