A Graphology Showcase

A Graphology Showcase


Welcome to the fascinating world of graphology – of clues and secret signs that reveal the deeper meaning of handwriting.

A Graphology Showcase is an absorbing collection of articles and tips about handwriting that will delight newbies and beginners as well as the more experienced handwriting analysts.

The book focuses on the most fascinating aspects of Graphology and covers subjects such as honesty and dishonesty in handwriting, children’s handwriting, how to detect cruelty in handwriting, intelligence and much more.

If you are interested in learning about people, in discovering the hidden motives for their behaviour or in finding out what makes them tick; then this book will introduce you to a world of new insights that will lift your understanding of people to a whole new level.

It will lead you along one of the most fascinating pathways you could ever explore.




A Graphology Showcase will shed light on some of the most fascinating revelations about handwriting and personality

The collection of articles, tips and discussions about the many applications of Graphology includes a wide variety of topics about handwriting and personality.

Unlock the power of handwriting and discover some of the amazing things you can learn about people from their handwriting alone.