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  • Creating the Portrait

    The secret of any good analysis of handwriting lies in 
the painting of an accurate personality portrait. In Creating the Portrait you will find out exactly how to construct a word portrait from any sample of handwriting

    This step-by-step guide will give you a non-fail method for creating meaningful personality reports time and time again.

    The Ecstasy without the Agony – Creating the Portrait is specially designed to take the agony out of analysing handwriting so that you are left with only the ecstasy!

    Find out exactly how to write a personality report step-by-step.

    This valuable guide can be in your hands in minutes.


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  • Relationship Secrets in handwriting

    “Relationship Secrets” is a complete guide that will give you deep insight into any relationship. More than you ever thought possible.

    You will gain the almost magical ability to see deep into any relationship including your own with uncanny expertise.

    Not only will you be shown how to spot areas of conflict – you will also learn how to identify weak spots where friction could erupt in the future.

    The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. They will show you exactly how to compare any set of handwritings and pick out problem areas at a glance.

    You can apply this information to romantic relationships or to any other kinds of relationships – family, friends, business partners and more.

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  • The Mark of Genius - How to find Genius in Handwriting

    How to see genius, intelligence and creativity in Handwriting.

    The Mark of Genius is a step-by-step guide that will take you through a range of handwriting samples so that you can see for yourself where the rich lodes of talent are hidden like nuggets of gold.

    In “The Mark of Genius” you’ll find fascinating explanations and handwriting samples of some of the most famous geniuses of all time.

    • You’ll learn how to identify signs of intelligence in your own or in any other handwriting.
    • You’ll find out how to recognize originality and creative thinking.
    • You’ll discover how to identify fearlessness and moral courage because these mark the person who is gifted with an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit
    • You will also learn to recognize the signs of a fertile imagination which is an essential component of genius. In fact, it was Einstein who said that imagination was more important than knowledge!
    • And finally you will be shown how to recognize the signs that reveal those emotions that fire the mind and inspire the flame of creativity – because quite simply, passion and mental energy are the hallmarks of creativity and giftedness.

    All this fascinating know-how can be yours today. Pick up your copy right now.




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  • The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

    Discover the meaning of signs and symbols in handwriting and reap the benefits of this amazing skill throughout your life.

    Imagine being able to learn about the real personalities of your friends and family: or even your boss – simply by looking at a page of handwriting!

    Imagine being able to astound your friends with your new skill and captivating them with your ability to see into their personalities!

    All this and more is possible when you own The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting, an accessible guide that will take you step by step through the basics of handwriting analysis.

    Not only will you get a working knowledge of handwriting analysis; you will also gain a life-long asset.

    A knowledge of handwriting analysis is a lasting and valuable asset and you will reap the benefits throughout your life.

    The quicker you get started the quicker you’ll see results!

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  • Find the Real You

    How to find the Real You will give you insights into aspects of your personality that you have never known. Aspects that may have been there all the time – but that you never even suspected.

    There are untapped sources of potential that are lying dormant in the real you.  Abilities that you have not even begun to use.

    Do you know what yours are?

    To be successful at anything at all you have to be fully aware of your strengths. Because this is where your personal power lies. Don’t leave yours unexplored.

    Your happiness and your success in life depend on your personality and the impression you make on others.

    Your personality can either make or break you in every area of your life: at work, at school and in your relationships. So it stands to reason that you need to know as much as possible about what makes you tick.

    Here are 3 Important questions to ask yourself:

    • What stands out about you and sets you apart from others?
    • What motivates, drives and inspires you?
    • Is there anything about your personality that hurts your relationships?

    There’s real gold to be found in these answers. Most people spend years and often their entire lives trying to discover them.

    But it doesn’t have to apply to you. Because you’ll get all these answers and more in “How to find the Real You.”

    Get it now and unlock your full potential!

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  • School Bullying in handwriting

    10 Red Flags in Handwriting Warn you about School Bullying.

    School bullying is one of the greatest causes of depression and anxiety among school children. But for reasons described in this book children are often hesitant to talk about it.

    Fortunately, you can get a great deal of helpful information about bullies and their victims from their handwriting.

    Personality flaws such as hostility and aggression leave an unmistakable trail of tell-tale clues in handwriting. Signs of distress will also emerge in the handwriting of a child who has been victimized for any length of time.

    In “School Bullying” you will be shown how to identify and make sense of these signs and gain important insight into the personalities concerned.

    This is a skill that you can easily acquire. And it’s a permanent asset that you will be able to apply to other situations involving bullying and aggression.

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  • A Graphology Showcase

    Welcome to the fascinating world of graphology – of clues and secret signs that reveal the deeper meaning of handwriting.

    A Graphology Showcase is an absorbing collection of articles and tips about handwriting that will delight newbies and beginners as well as the more experienced handwriting analysts.

    The book focuses on the most fascinating aspects of Graphology and covers subjects such as honesty and dishonesty in handwriting, children’s handwriting, how to detect cruelty in handwriting, intelligence and much more.

    If you are interested in learning about people, in discovering the hidden motives for their behaviour or in finding out what makes them tick; then this book will introduce you to a world of new insights that will lift your understanding of people to a whole new level.

    It will lead you along one of the most fascinating pathways you could ever explore.


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  • Discover Your animal personality

    Are you a lion or a mouse or a scorpion? There’s a lot more to this question than first meets the eye.

    You’ll be amazed to see how your own animal personality actually shows up in your handwriting.

    See for yourself as I show you how your animal personality is reflected in your handwriting and quite amazingly gives you insight into core aspects of your personality


    Maybe. But it works!

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