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The Lost Chord

We may take different routes but eventually we come to realize that we are all searching for the lost chord.

The lost chord is part of the symphony of purposeful living and this is something that we need to find if we want real meaning in our lives.

But what we don’t always realize is that the only way to find it – is to discover our true selves first.

To be your true self; to follow your own guiding star takes courage. But it is the most important path you can follow. In today’s world it is also the most difficult thing you can do because there are so many distractions; so many side paths that lead to nowhere.

But if you can find that one true path that gives you meaning; that you know with inner certainty is destined for you – you will reap the rewards of your own authenticity.

The lost chord – that enigmatic part of life that we all search for – is only to be found in the highest layers of our true selves.

For the lost chord, when played with sensitivity allows us to touch the elemental layers of our true being and speaks to the depths of our souls like music.

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