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How to be Popular – an Impossible Dream?


So you’d like to be popular and interesting!  Don’t we all just wish!

If you’ve recently published a bestseller, or look like Charlize Theron  you’ll undoubtedly have an adoring audience.

But what if you’re just a regular stay-at-home-mom or what if you work at a regular day job and haven’t done anything more exciting than go for coffee and a pizza during your lunch break?

You suspect that what you do is of little interest to your friends and the odds are that you don’t have a hundred jokes to tell either.

And horror of all horrors, what if you are a little shy to boot? What hope do you have of being the belle of the ball?

None at all, I dare say!  Unless…

Unless you could come up with a secret talent or an unusual and fascinating kind of interest that would give you confidence and make you feel a lot differently about yourself. Something like graphology for example?

Now that would be an entirely different ball game.  Different in that as soon as you mentioned it, ears would prick up and you would be regarded as fascinating at the very least.

Mention the word “Graphology” at a dinner party and watch all eyes turn towards you. Conversation dies down to a quiet hum while all ears are pointed towards your end of the table. You are the centre of an animated conversation.

Questions are fired at you and later after dinner people corner you with their own personal questions about their handwriting. Simple questions like – my handwriting leans far to the left and I can’t change it  – what does it say about me?

And you’ll answer each one in turn while others listen in admiration. At last you’re an expert in your field.  An expert of the most fascinating variety!

Wake up!  It was only a dream!

But secretly you know it’s a dream that could come true if you really wanted it to.  Because when you learn to analyze handwriting there’s a whole world of possibilities out there waiting for you!

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