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What is the Real Purpose of Graphology?

What is the real purpose of Graphology?  In short, why do we study it?  Clearly not for the subject matter itself despite the fact that it’s so fascinating in its own right.

Anyone involved with graphology undoubtedly finds the study endlessly absorbing and intriguing – but we all know that the study itself is not the purpose.

Some people get very excited when they realize how much graphology can reveal about the personalities of different people.

But the purpose of graphology is not to pry into other people’s personalities however possible that may be with such an intuitive tool. So what is it exactly?


The real purpose of graphology is to acquire and teach self-understanding.

When we embark on a journey of self-understanding it leads to the culmination and fulfilment of our dreams. Dreams that range from finding our talents to gaining a better understanding of our relationships.

So while our own goal may very well be personal development and self-improvement we also have the opportunity to help others reach out towards their own place of special understanding too.

Finding your Direction

To me, one of the most important benefits of Graphology is that it helps us to find the directions that speak to us. Directions that ultimately lead us along our own paths of personal discovery.

Finding our direction is probably one of the most exciting paths that we can embark on. And the search continues unabated throughout our lives – from childhood to retirement.

However, the role of Graphology is not solely to help us with the process of self-discovery though this in itself is valuable enough.

The really big deal is that by learning to understand others we can give them a helping hand towards their own personal development too.  How rewarding is that!


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