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Do you have a Dynamic A-type Personality?

Dynamic personality

Do you see yourself as a dynamic A-type person with a dynamic personality?

To qualify as an “A type personality” you would have to be energetic, enthusiastic and forward thinking.  You would also have to be bold and fearless and show decisive leadership qualities.  On the negative side you could be impatient, demanding and dogmatic.

Does this powerful picture describe you?

Obviously it’s difficult to form an objective opinion about your own personality. But if you would really like to make sure you can always check out your handwriting.

You’ll be able to see the evidence quite clearly in black and white!  Because a dynamic personality tends to have an A-type personality with an A-type handwriting.

So let’s look at an example.

When I think of  A-type handwriting the first and most obvious example that comes to mind is the handwriting of Napoleon. His handwriting is a perfect example of strength, boldness and true dynamism.

So what would his handwriting look like?

If you are a graphologist at heart it won’t surprise you to learn that his handwriting shows energy, confidence, boldness, decisiveness and quick thinking.  It’s also very impatient, imperious and dogmatic.

Napoleon demanded power and wasn’t satisfied till he became Emperor of France. He was so arrogant that he didn’t think anyone was qualified to crown him and it is well documented that during his coronation, he seized the crown out of the pope’s hand and proudly placed it on his own head.

Now this is an extreme example and he was undoubtedly impossible to get on with – but handwriting-wise we would have to look far to find a better example of real dynamism and leadership.

So what about your own handwriting? Do you think it will show you any proof of your temperament?  You will never know until you look!

In the following post I reveal some A-type handwriting signs.

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