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The Goldilocks Personality

The Goldilocks Personality

If you know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears you will recognize the Goldilocks personality immediately! She was quite a character!

Mama Bear, Pappa Bear, and Baby Bear were all pretty standard characters. They were your everyday type of family who led a most conventional life in their pretty little home in the woods.

The only unusual thing that they did was to go for a walk before breakfast while the porridge had already been served up. Maybe they were a little slow thinking – they didn’t realize that porridge gets cold quickly!

But Goldilocks! Now there was a different character!

She was adventurous and fearless.

Imagine going for a long walk alone in a forest and not even panicking when you find out that you are lost. Goldilocks simply knocked on the nearest door and went inside!

She had an amazingly calm disposition too. She could fall sleep in the middle of a looming crisis and she could take on any eventuality with equanimity. What an enviable temperament!

But that’s not all – she had an enquiring mind and she was not satisfied with superficial answers. She tested everything out for herself before she made up her mind.

Note! She tasted all the porridge, sat in all the chairs and tried out all the beds before she drew any conclusions. A true scientist at heart, she chose the best of the options only after carrying out thorough investigations.

What an example to follow!

Do you think you have a Goldilocks personality and temperament? If so, check out this sample of Goldilocks’s handwriting and see how yours compares.

A Goldilocks Style of Handwriting

Note that even though this is a youthful young girl’s handwriting it has a lot of clarity and strength. There is nothing hesitant about it.

Here are the handwriting clues for you to look at:

1. Fairly dark handwriting with firm pressure and firm downstrokes (brave)
2. Moderately large in size (Confident without being sassy!)
3. Right slanting (Ready to engage with anyone – not shy)
5. Regular, even style – not jerky (calm disposition)
6. Firm straight baseline ( Good sense of direction – even though she got lost in the woods because sense of direction here has the larger meaning! )

So there you have it. Any other observations will be welcome. I have kept it brief so you should have no trouble identifying the goldilocks personality in handwriting!

Now take a look at Cinderella and her spineless handwriting.  She was an entirely different type of character. Much less adventurous and even submissive.

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