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Cinderella and her Spineless Handwriting


The most popular rags to riches fairy tale has always been the story of Cinderella.

But what on earth did Cinderella do to deserve her good fortune?

I have always thought of her as completely spineless and a typical “Goody Two-Shoes.” She was always uber-obedient and never answered back no matter how she was needled.

She meekly took all the punishment that her stepmother and stepsisters handed out to her. And what was worse – she never did anything proactive.

Even when her fairy godmother turned up to change the pumpkin into a glittering chariot what had Cinderella really done to deserve it?

And then to crown it all, she obediently ran away from the prince at the stroke of midnight. No rebellion! No fighting spirit!

Now you will agree that a Cinderella personality can only produce a spineless handwriting. So here it is:

Cinderella’s Spineless Handwriting

Cinderella's handwriting

The pressure is so light and weak that one cannot expect her to make a strong stand about anything. The  handwriting is small and rounded and is rather static in movement. Clearly, Cinderella does not extend herself beyond her boundaries.

The conventional and soft formations show amenability. Well, we all know that she is sweet and undemanding.

But here at last is a bit of reaction – the large gaps between the lines and words show that she feels isolated and lonely. She feels that nobody understands her!

Small wonder that the lines slope downwards ever so slightly showing that she justifiably feels a little depressed!

Now I must add that this was what Cinderella’s handwriting looked like before she met the prince.

Her handwriting clearly evolved and underwent some real changes when she moved to the palace!

Now if you would like me to show you her wicked step-mother’s handwriting let me know in the comments below and I will see what I can do about it!

Update: The wicked step-mother’s handwriting is now available here: The Step mother’s handwriting


  • kategladstone
    April 15, 2016

    What did her handwriting look like after she was taken to the palace?

    • User Avatar
      April 16, 2016

      Hi Kate

      Good question. After a year or two Cinderella’s handwriting has become a little darker and larger as her confidence has grown somewhat. But there’s a new downward slant because life at the castle is not all it was cracked up to be. In fact she feels even more isolated than before as there is absolutely no privacy.

      Gaps between words have increased and the slight leftward trend to her handwriting is more marked– there are times she would like a little time off from social duties which are simply not her thing.

      Her self-esteem is still at a low ebb and she wishes she could assert herself with the cook but she simply cannot pluck up enough courage.

      Real change will take much more time and effort. But then, does she want to change?

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