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The Windmill Personality; buffeted by the Storms of Life

The windmill personality seems to be continually at the mercy of the elements, long arms flailing about depending on the direction of the wind.

She is scatter-brained, disorganized and therefore never in complete control.

As a result she is often embroiled in situations that are not always of her own making. She finds it difficult to focus on any one thing at a time and dissipates her energy in many different ways that are mostly ineffectual.

This type of person is often intelligent and well-meaning but because she casts her net too wide she is unable to keep a grip on her often chaotic life.

When problems arise she gets flustered and tries to deal with them as best she can but because she manages her life in such a haphazard way she is in a constant state of agitation.

The Handwriting of the Windmill Personality

The windmill personality is quite easy to identify in handwriting:

The immediate impression we gain is of a fairly large, irregular handwriting with a rather disorderly appearance. The letters are uneven both in form and in size. Tall upper loops and long lower loops vary in length, width and slant.

There are many discrepancies in the letter formations as well as variations in direction. I-dots and t-srokes are thrown onto the page to fall wherever they will land!

The most abiding impression of the windmill personality is one of irregularity, confusion and indecision.

Be sure to compare the handwriting if you know of anyone with this type of personality!


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