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Susan Boyle’s handwriting and what it shows

Susan Boyle


Here’s a lovely clear image of Susan Boyle’s handwriting from her Facebook page.

It’s a genuine and unassuming handwriting with no hidden agendas.  And that can probably be said about her personality too.

The rounded quality of the  letters shows a lot of natural warmth.  In fact, there is a joyful spontaneity about the writing – and yet there is an element of caution too as she does not want to lay herself open to being  hurt.

Although her growing confidence as well as her enjoyment of the limelight are apparent – it’s clear that she is not yet completely comfortable with this new element in her life. But she is fast learning to cope with it.



Note the incompatibility of the signature with the body of the handwriting. In fact, the introduction, “Hi there” as well as the signature seem as if she has three different styles of handwriting.  In addition to that, there are also variations of style within the body of the writing.

The rapid changes in her circumstances and in her image as a whole must have been unsettling to say the least. She has had to cope with her new-found fame whether she was ready for it or not.

All this is mirrored in her handwriting – the unsettled quality is clear to see.  And who can blame her? Fame is not always easy to cope with.

According to her handwriting, Susan Boyle is still trying to find herself.



  • linda Cameron
    March 20, 2023

    I am an Canadian and have recently been really following you>I’m an old lady (66 and will turn 67 this year) I am hoping U are made aware of my sincere post to you> My grandparents were from scotland (mum born there) I too suffer depresion >Good times bad times>I try to hide it >Hey will never show the world >if I can avoid it>I have always tryed to laugh it off> No one knows the inside> Susan I’m so proud of you U stepped up and out >I know U still hold sad times in your heart>> Susan u helped me take a step up >It wont leave me but I thank you for the boost>> I’m hoping one of your assistants will read this to you!Maybe come visit me I live in a small spot but will always have room for someone that to fells alone at times > My Mums maiden name was patterson//peace sister

    • Graphology World
      March 22, 2023

      Hi Linda
      Thank you for your personal observations about this article. I would just like to add a few words. We have all suffered from depression at one time or another during our lives and the older we are the more opportunities we have had to experience these low points. But on the other hand we have all had high points too.

      The great message that we get from Susan Boyle’s success is that although she came from a low point that we can all recognize – and despite her hardships – of which she had many – she took her courage in her hands, went onto the stage and delivered one of the most memorable renditions of that very beautiful song in her own inimitable way.

      We were all rocked. Not only because of the seeming incongruity of that beautiful voice emanating from a very down-to earth appearance – but because of her courage and her downright chutzpa.
      She had a gift and she was jolly well going to give it to us. And she did.

      And do you know what was the biggest gift that she gave to us? Not just the opportunity to hear her lovely voice. It was more than that.

      It was hope. In that moment of hearing her for the first time we all knew that we had it in us to produce something beautiful for the world – even if it was in a very different and much smaller way.

      And this is the message that I want to give you. That no matter who we are, how old we are or how unprepossessing we may be – we all have access to the hope that one day we may be able to show our light – not necessarily to the whole world but to just that one soul who may be in need of it.


  • linda Cameron
    March 20, 2023

    I hope to hear from at least from a personal assistant

    • Graphology World
      March 22, 2023

      A personal reply for you!

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