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The Hippo Personality

Personality of a hippo

The Personality of a Hippo

A hippo is a placid looking creature. Dozing lethargically in her muddy pool she gives the impression of being completely sluggish and absent minded.

But don’t be mistaken.  There is a watchfulness in those half-shut eyes and a wily alertness in the flicker of that tail.

Like the hippo in the pool, the individual with a hippo personality likes to wallow in comfort and enjoy a lifestyle of self-indulgence and luxury.

A Hippo Handwriting

The handwriting of the hippo spreads out luxuriously across the paper – like a hippo taking up a large part of the pool.

Notice how the writing is wide and expansive with over-sized ovals and a rather careless structure. In handwriting a large, round middle zone shows a love of comfort, self-interest and often a disregard for the comfort of others.

And so the rather inflated and rounded middle zone in the illustration below reveals the hippo’s complacency and love of ease.

Hippo Personality

But there’s more. You only have to take a brief glance at our handwriting sample to see immediately that there is a complete lack of lower loops.  And furthermore, all the energy of this handwriting is concentrated in the middle zone which is the area of day to day living and materialism.

Clearly our hippo personality will be slow to act. In fact she will only rise to action when her comfort is threatened. Note also the complete absence of upper loops. Those of you who have some knowledge of handwriting analysis will remember that upper loops pertain to ideals, philosophy and moral awareness.

This hippo can’t be bothered with such these things as long as she is undisturbed and left to wallow in comfort.

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