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The Hedgehog Personality

The first thing that you notice about a hedgehog is his spikes.  It seems as if he is covered from top to toe with tiny little pins.

However beneath that rather  unapproachable exterior, the hedgehog is really a very shy little creature and if you so much as look at him, he will roll up into a ball and spread out his spikes like a pincushion.

With eyes firmly closed and his little nose well tucked in he looks like a prickly ball that you can roll down a hill.

But if you can patiently coax him out of his defensive exterior you’ll  find that the hedgehog is a sensitive and gentle little creature with sparkling black eyes, a cute nose and a soft cuddly underbelly.

Who would guess that he spends most of his life rolled up like a pincushion?

The Hedgehog Personality

A person with a hedgehog personality uses his prickles to defend himself against any unwanted intrusion on his privacy.

He is defensive and tends to be a loner.

When agitated, he rarely makes a frontal attack but will retort with little pinpricks and sarcastic responses.

Much like our real hedgehog, he is very shy but if you can sidestep the prickles, there is a gentle side to him.

A hedgehog handwriting

I have coined the term “hedgehog handwriting” for the following sample because it reminds me of the prickles of a hedgehog.

Notice the sharp points and flying strokes on the t-bars that seem to dominate every aspect of the handwriting.

There are so many prickly signs in the handwriting that the dominant aspect is one of sharpness. And indeed the writer of this sample is sharp and irritable and a bit of a loner just like our real hedgehog.

Nervousness permeates this handwriting.  Notice how the letters in the first word of the third line are crushed together.  Then look at the wide spaces between the words.

It’s a stop and start sort of handwriting. It’s as if the writer cannot make up his mind to stand still in one place or to make a sudden dash for it.

Look again and you will see that the middle zone is very small with one or two rounded letters:

Hedgehog Our hedgehog writer exemplifies the hedgehog personality with a prickly and sharp exterior but with a soft and gentle nature beneath it all.

Treat him with respect but keep him at arms length to avoid a confrontation – because he’s irritable and irascible.

However, if you get the opportunity to know him better and can manage to coax him away from his defensive attitude it’s likely that he will reveal a much softer and gentler side.

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    November 18, 2014

    As I mentioned in the article there are several signs of irritability. Can you see any other signs that support irritability?

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