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Animal Types and Personality Profiles in Handwriting

A New and Ground-breaking book on Animal Types in Handwriting!


Discover Your animal personality


Animal Types in Handwriting

If graphology leaves you feeling frustrated and confused because you don’t know where to start; if you are unable to sift the facts from the clues and feel bogged down by the many signs and bewildering byways in handwriting – then this revolutionary approach to handwriting is for you.

It’s a completely original method that will de-stress everything and give you a lot of fun in the process.

It’s all about identifying your animal personality and allying it to your handwriting. If you think it’s weird you could be right – but in its direct way it produces results in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible.

This very unusual book will amaze you because it’s a novel but workable approach that will give you a quick grasp of the personality behind the handwriting.

You may need to take a mental leap because it’s so revolutionary and such a completely new way of looking at handwriting – but it works. And let’s face it – if it works what more could you ask for?

Your Hidden Animal Type Persona

If you are a keen observer of human nature you will have noticed that almost everyone has an element of a hidden animal persona.

You may have a boss or teacher who is a loud and dominating type who reminds you of a lion. Or possibly you know someone whose outer aspect is as prickly as a hedgehog but who really hides a soft and vulnerable nature. No doubt you will have other examples too.

The trick is to be able to identify the right animal to match the person’s personality. And you can do this by checking the individual’s handwriting!

If you can match someone’s handwriting to his or her animal type – you will be amazed at the hidden details and new information that such an association reveals.

So if you see someone with the personality of a mouse or a scorpion or any of the other types mentioned in this book, by linking it to their handwriting, some surprising truths about that person will become clear to you in a flash.

Check it out and see how “Animal Types” actually works! It’s a new way of looking at someone’s personality – all of which is revealed in the book.

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Discover Your animal personality