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The Wicked Stepmother’s Handwriting

So after several requests for the Wicked Stepmother’s handwriting here it is.

But before we go into detail please take a look at the article on Cinderella’s handwriting again so that you can see the difference at a glance.

Did you take a look?

Good.  Now you can see without my telling you that this is a very different personality altogether!

The following handwriting shows Cinderella’s stepmother in full combat. It shows up the extreme incompatibility between these two people.

Notice how the dark angular writing, seems to tower over Cinderella’s gentle and unprepossessing little offering.

Large in size, its sweeping horizontal strokes dominate and completely dwarf the tiny self-conscious t-strokes so timidly submitted by Cinderella.

Also take a look at the long, downward pointing t-strokes. They look like rapiers or cutlasses and they show her strong will to lash out at anyone who comes within her striking distance.

The pressure is much heavier too – you may be sure the wicked stepmother will lean heavily on our Cinderella. There are many other points of incompatibility too but this will serve to highlight the enormous potential for disagreement!

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