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Pointed Handwriting and what it means

Thorns and prickles

There are many types of pointed handwriting and they all have different meanings. Some handwritings are slightly pointed while others look like dagger points.

Whatever the degree of the points or prickles – they tend to be largely protective by nature. Thorns on a rosebush may be sharp but they protect the plant.

However, as with all extremes the picture changes dramatically so that extreme angularity and sharpness will show aggression.

The following handwriting sample shows many angular,  aggressive points and it reveals an aggressive personality.

Pointed handwriting

The following handwriting sample also has sharp points and flying strokes on the t-bars that seem to dominate the whole handwriting. But it shows a much gentler type of personality.

The middle zone is small and more rounded but there are many prickly signs in this handwriting so that the dominant aspect is one of sharpness. I have called this hedgehog handwriting simply because it reminds one of the prickles of a hedgehog.


Interestingly enough, a hedgehog is a gentle animal with a soft cuddly underbelly.  But touch him and he immediately rolls up into a prickly ball that you would be well advised to avoid.

Now this is the temperament displayed by our second handwriting sample. It exemplifies the hedgehog personality with a soft and gentle nature but with a prickly and sharp exterior.

The hedgehog personality uses his prickles to  defend himself against any unwanted intrusion on his privacy.  Much like the real hedgehog, he is very shy but then,  if you can sidestep the prickles, there is a gentler side to him.

Treat him with respect and keep him at arms length to avoid a confrontation.  But if you get the opportunity to know him better, he will reveal his softer, more sympathetic side.

The Hedgehog personality

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