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Fat Handwriting and Personality

Fat handwriting

What on earth is “fat” handwriting? And what does it say about your personality? Fat handwriting is a term that I have coined to describe very rounded middle zone writing.

All the emphasis seems to reside in the middle zone while upper and lower zones are either truncated or very neglected.

For example, when you take a look at the a’s, o’s and e’s you will see that they are wide and round. Even the m’s and n’s have a wide, expansive look.


How does fat handwriting relate to personality?

It often points to self-satisfaction combined with a certain naïve accepting quality.

Teenage girls tend to use this style of handwriting quite a lot.  It implies that they  are very much concerned with their own day-to-day affairs, their emotions, their appearances and their entertainment.

However, fat handwriting can also show some decorative skill.  Not in any really deep artistic way but rather with regard to a superficial awareness of appearances.

Fat writing is often seen together with circular I-dots.

With the onset of maturity, this type of handwriting tends to change but the roundness will probably remain to reveal a warm, emotional person who readily feels sympathy for others.

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