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How to Spot Jealousy in just Two Lines of Handwriting

how to identify Jealousy in handwriting

Jealousy in Handwriting

Graphology is a fascinating study but it’s not much more than an intellectual game if it doesn’t relate to real life issues. If we want it to be useful in a practical way we have to be able to apply it to important real life situations.

Now when it comes to real life issues you can’t find anything more riddled with problems than jealousy.

And so I would like to show you how to use graphology to identify and better understand that very emotional issue of jealousy.

Because jealousy often comes in disguise we seldom recognize it for what it really is.  And so we fail to understand the underlying causes. But at the outset, it’s important to recognize that there is always a reason for jealousy.

The actual cause of jealousy may appear to be unreasonable or even trivial to the onlooker.  But it is always very real and top of mind for the individuals concerned.

Where there is jealousy in a relationship, logic flies out of the window. Instead of devotion and affection we get distrust, resentment and anger.  Sometimes even physical abuse.

Now it may seem strange to think of jealousy as an actual fear. But that’s exactly what it is. It’s a fear that infiltrates and spreads through a relationship leaving distrust in its wake.

When a husband is filled with an all-consuming worry that his wife will leave him for someone else – it’s a fear.

Too proud to admit his insecurity even to himself he fails to realize just how much anguish his distrust will lead to. And when his inner turmoil and suspicion reach boiling point he gives angry vent to his frustration.

Of course this is no excuse for inappropriate or irrational behaviour.  It only helps us to understand where it is coming from.

How to identify Jealousy in Handwriting

Jealousy has a vast and complex network of underlying emotions.  Therefore to claim that there is only one sign that reveals jealousy in handwriting is a complete over-simplification. Unfortunately this has become a popular myth but it is of course inaccurate.

A more reliable way of detecting jealousy in handwriting is to look at the emotions reflected in the handwriting of a jealous individual.

In the following handwriting sample we can easily pick out at least 5  emotions. And when we put them together they make a strong case for jealousy.

The 5 prominent indicators for jealousy in this handwriting sample are:

  • Passion
  • Resentment
  • Repression
  • Domination
  • Anger



We see passion in the heavy pressure and the ink-filled strokes that abound in this sample. The heavy strokes are particularly obvious in the word “the” at the beginning of the second line.


Signs of resentment can be seen in the straight strokes that rise from below the baseline. These straight starting strokes are evident in both examples of the word “the.”


Indications that the writer is repressing his emotions can be seen in the squashing together of some of the letters.  This is particularly obvious in both instances of the word “months”


The writer’s tendency to dominate can be seen in the t-bars that point downwards as well as in the heaviness of the strokes.


Anger and probably temper can be deduced from the signs of passion and resentment that we have already mentioned. And this is further corroborated by the presence of two short, sharp t-bars that in themselves are indicative of irritability and temper.

When we look at all these signs together, we can only arrive at the logical conclusion that we are dealing with a jealous, resentful and domineering personality.

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