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Graphology and The Magic of Insight

It’s widely accepted that Graphology has certain techniques that help you to understand different types of personality.

But Graphology goes further than that. It gives you a type of understanding that goes well beyond appearances. It leads you to an awareness that arises from the magic of insight.

You see, “insight” is a very special type of understanding. It’s a type of understanding that some people are naturally blessed with. But to most of us it is imbued with an element of mystery.

We use the word ‘insight’ lightly but it really conveys a lot of meaning. The very structure of the word explains it.

In + sight is the ability to see within.

Those of us who study graphology and handwriting gain access to this special type of insight which draws on both technique and empathy. It’s a delicate balance but it’s a combination that makes graphology so effective.

Not only does it give us a deeper understanding of our family, our friends and our relationships; but it also illuminates the depths of our own psyches, motives and behaviour.

The Deeper Purpose of Graphology.

The real purpose in studying graphology is to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves first so that by extension it will help us to gain an empathetic understanding of others – particularly of those who are important or dear to us.

Our real aim is to acquire the gift of understanding beyond the surface of appearances – which is no shallow goal. But in order to gain this special insight we have to use all the tools at our disposal. And graphology happens to be a very special tool that helps us to reach this goal.

However, the information we acquire from handwriting can never be enough. Because our goal should not be to merely understand the various aspects of handwriting – as fascinating as they may be.

We need to combine the information we gain from graphology with our own blend of psychology and inner wisdom – which of course, comes from our real life experiences.




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