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How to see Anger and Resentment in Handwriting

Anger and resentment

Signs of Anger and Resentment

I wish I had kept the handwriting of my maths teacher. I was in great awe of her as she wielded her pen like a cutlass.

It slashed into the page so forcefully that it tore a deep gash that buried itself in the pages below and you could see the indentations for many pages that followed.

Needless to say, maths was not my best subject and the figures I managed to eke out were faint with trepidation.

Today I know the meaning of slashed handwriting but right then I had no idea that it was somehow connected to her personal life. I later heard that she was going through a bitter divorce.

Irritation in Handwriting

It’s important to be able to differentiate between a permanently hostile attitude and temporary irritation.

Milder irritation looks like this when it has not been too deeply embedded in the personality:irritation in handwriting

It shows a lot of emotional volatility in the irregularity of form and line but it is not deeply resentful. Note also that the t-strokes slant upwards and do not slant down.

Hostility in handwriting

It’s easy to see the signs of real hostility, anger and resentment in handwriting.

But the important thing to realize is that once these signs appear in the handwriting anger and hostility have already taken their toll and exerted a damaging effect on the personality.

These signs are the symptoms of a deep-seated anxiety and fear which cause the person to lash out in ways that are threatening and hurtful to others.

Deep anger and resentment


Angry handwriting

The immediate impression we gain from this handwriting is one of exploding frustration and hostility.

Aggressive t-strokes abound while reversed and deformed lower loops billow with bottled up emotion. Resentment strokes rise up from below the baseline while slant and spacing are erratic.

The lines rise with fervour as the writer shows an intense and  passionate need to vent his frustration.

This is not a one-off type of anger.  This is anger and frustration that has taken a hold of his personality. It has been brooding and welling up in him for a long time and has become an integral part of  his personality.

When anger and resentment are so deeply ingrained in the personality that they become permanent – they show up in the form of signs and symbols that you can easily identify in the handwriting.

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