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5 Easy Ways to Check if your Child is Creative

Signs of Creativity

Signs of Creativity in your child

Is your child creative? If so, it’s a blessing you should never take for granted.  A creative child has a gift for life.

One of the greatest things that you can do for your child is to uncover and encourage creativity early on  because this is a gift that can add immeasurably to your child’s quality of life – not only now during his or her childhood – but right through into adulthood as well.

So how can you find out if your child has creative potential?

Once again, a little knowledge of handwriting analysis comes to our aid.

Take a look at your child’s handwriting and see if you can find some of the following signs of creativity:

 Signs of Creativity in handwriting

1. Look for a comfortable and free flow of the writing stroke that looks natural and easygoing. Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of freedom where there is a lack of restriction.

2. Take note of the type of pen your child likes to use. If she chooses to write with a thick point rather than a thin point it may indicate a tendency towards pasty writing.  Pastiness is a term used by handwriting analysts to describe a pen stroke that looks as if it were written by a felt-tipped pen. It shows a love of beauty and artistry and is a mark of creativity.

3. Check to see if there any letter formations that are different from the normal school model.  Because this would indicate a measure of original thinking.

4. If your child’s handwriting is large and round it would suggest that she is inclined to choose form before function which would involve the use of imagination.

5. Circular i-dots as well as writing that is slightly decorative could show that your child has an eye for design.

These are just a few of the signs of creativity.  Obviously there are more, but these should be a good indication.  So be sure to check your child’s handwriting.

How to see Signs of creativity in handwriting

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