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Sadness and Frustration in Handwriting

Sadness and frustration

Sadness and Frustration

I wrote a post about how I saw a group of about 40 frustrated bees dashing themselves against a window pane in sadness and frustration.

It’s only a little story but it does draw our attention to something that we can all relate to: the trap and loop of inevitability that we sometimes fall into.

Many of us, through force of circumstance or possibly through some problem of our own making, find ourselves helplessly buzzing our lives against closed window panes.

Sadness and frustration

It’s a loop of sadness that we often find difficult to crawl out of.  Unfortunately the longer it continues, the more likely it is that sadness and frustration will set in and become ingrained in our personalities.

Sadness can settle on our personalities like a cloud that won’t lift and when this happens it is reflected in the way we walk, in the way we carry our heads and even in the way we dress.

It becomes a part of how we express ourselves and when it reaches that stage, it’s hardly surprising that it is also reflected in our handwriting.

Because, after all, handwriting  is a graphic expression of our psychic energy on paper.

It’s easy to understand why temporary sadness does not reflect in handwriting.  But when it is ingrained to the point where it has become part of your personality, then this is what it will look like:

Usually in depressed handwriting the lines slope downwards. In this particular sample you will  notice that the lines slope slightly upwards which shows that this writer’s depression has not really set in.

But take a look at the following combination which presents a rather sad picture …

  • Slack tension in the handwriting
  • Light pressure
  • Short upper and lower loops
  • T-bars placed low on the t-stem
  • Missing i-dots


Graphotherapy is a long and complicated process but it involves making certain changes in your handwriting that could have a rollover effect on your personality.

It means that if you consciously make a particular change in your handwriting every time you write you will be re-enforcing a positive message into your subconscious mind.

However,  it is important not to try to change more than one aspect at a time as this could have the opposite effect of what you intended.

In any event, Graphotherapy should only be used by graphologists who have the appropriate psychological training.

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