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Are you Missing the Point about Graphology?

I’ve often bemoaned the fact that most people seem to miss the point about Graphology. It’s easy to see why. Because let’s face it; personal information sourced from handwriting is regarded with deep suspicion. In short, Graphology has a dubious reputation.

There are various reasons for this. But I’m not going to go into validating Graphology or handwriting analysis here.

You will either be receptive to it or not. (If you want to find out more about the scientific side of all this you can check out Research and Validation Studies for Graphology)

What I want to focus on here is why those people who do accept the validity of graphology totally miss the point anyway!

I know that there are some who will disagree with me.  But let me explain.

People watching


We all indulge in “People watching.” It’s endlessly fascinating to sit at a sidewalk café and watch people go by.

It can keep us absorbed for hours – if we don’t have anything more pressing to do!

But that is only watching people!  Imagine how much more fascinating it is to be able to check out how people function!

What lights their fires? Why are they looking so worried and stressed?

Do they have work-related issues or have their relationships gone into an unexpected dive?

The Mysteries of your Psyche

Now here is where people seem to miss the point.  Because graphology isn’t only about finding out more about people and their personalities. It’s also about delving into the mysteries of your own psyche.

You may well recall that I mentioned in a previous article that one of the main benefits of Graphology is that it helps you to grow and develop as a person.  And that’s exactly my point. Graphology is a medium par excellence for promoting self-development and self-growth.

Just think! Imprinted in your own handwriting lies a treasure trove of personal information! But it’s information that will remain a mystery to you forever if you don’t explore it.

People know so little about themselves. Can you imagine how valuable it would be if you could discover all those things that fire you for good or ill!  Where else would you be able to gain access to such valuable self-knowledge?  And what better way to find out than from your own handwriting?

Privileged Information

Unfortunately there is also a caveat that comes with the advantage of being able to gain access to such privileged information.

You see, Graphologists are honour bound to guard privileged information so that it does not get misused. So much so that in order to remain objective, a Graphologist is expected to resist the temptation to peep into certain aspects of a person’s private life.

It is not for the Graphologist to be judgmental. That’s why, with training, a handwriting analyst is perfectly capable of ignoring the contents of a handwritten message while focusing purely on the meaning of the handwriting through the shapes of the letters.

Responsible graphologists do not trespass into areas where they are not qualified. And this applies specifically with regard to areas such as psychiatry or medicine – unless of course they are already experts in these fields.

So Graphologists do have a responsibility to use their expertise with care.  Even so and despite all this, Graphologists are sometimes regarded as mysterious beings. Maybe this is because of their ability to gain access to personal information in an unconventional way.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that Graphologists can do a lot of good by showing people how to understand more about the people in their lives.

And just as importantly – by giving them insights into their own lives too.

Isn’t that really the point of it all?

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