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Pretty Handwriting: What it Says about You

Pretty writing

Pretty Handwriting

Pretty handwriting is not the ultimate. If you don’t have pretty handwriting – relax. It may just be a sign of individuality.

When I was at school I sat next to a girl who made a lasting impression on me because she had such beautiful handwriting.

How I admired the lovely rounded formations that seemed to flow from her pen. And how prettily she dotted her i’s with perfect little circles.

Her beautiful handwriting gave me pangs of envy.

As she wrote I used to send sideways glances to watch how she managed to produce what to me looked like a work of art.

And in truth she was artistic. Her drawings were the best in the class.

Then looking down at my own chicken scratches I was filled with both envy and despair.

I remember so well how a visiting examiner had once announced in front of the class that my handwriting looked like a garden.

He paused as I smiled happily.

Then he added; ”a garden of weeds” and all the children burst out laughing.

Well years later I was able to get my revenge – by becoming a graphologist!

And lo and behold! I discovered that ugly handwriting wasn’t always such a bad thing!

An Example of Pretty Handwriting

But getting back to pretty handwriting – you know what it looks like. It’s always neat handwriting to start with but it also has a few distinctive additions that give it that look.

Here is an example that has some pretty little scrolls and curlicues:

The writer is a young girl who is rather self-conscious and wants to create a good impression.

Her handwriting is purely decorative and reveals very little individuality or depth of personality. She is more concerned with the design of her beautiful handwriting rather than with communicating any meaningful information.

On the other hand, there are many real artists and designers and creative people who have genuinely stylish handwriting that reveals true creativity.

Theirs is not what I would term pretty handwriting. Rather I would call it stylishly creative handwriting. There is a difference.

Any writer who concentrates on the appearance of the writing is more focused on the decorative aspect rather than on the desire to communicate.

The focus is on form rather than on function – on decoration rather than intent.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that.

Now the next sample is a little different. It’s an excellent example of a rather simple decorative handwriting combined with perfectionism.

This too, shows pretty handwriting which is pleasant to look at but holds little depth.

The first observation is that this is neat handwriting.  Just look at the even baseline. But it is also weak handwriting. There is no strength in the strokes.

There is a good sense of line in the capital D and particularly in the capital N of “Noticias.”  But notice how the decorative element is too conservative to be really artistic.

Also note how the even base line is almost like a ruler underlining the regular middle zone.

Careful, neat handwriting like this indicates perfectionism. “A sense of design” is the best way to describe this neat handwriting because it is decorative rather than imaginative.

It is also conventional rather than creative.

Ugly handwriting

Now take a look at the following handwriting:

Freud's handwriting

It really is dreadful! This is undoubtedly very ugly handwriting and it stands out in perfect contrast to the pretty, neat handwriting we have just seen.

Nevertheless, it shows individuality and strength of character. But it also shows many personality hang-ups. You may recognize it as the handwriting of Freud.

So where do you fit in? Somewhere in-between?

It really doesn’t matter. I have just tried to show that pretty handwriting is not the be-all and end-all of style and desirability.

So if your handwriting is not very pretty – relax. It may just show a bit of individuality!

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