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Jack Lew’s Loopy Signature

Jack Lew's Signature

What a hooha – over a signature no less!  But then it isn’t just any signature.

It is the august signature of America’s newly appointed Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew. And it will be gracing the face of all new dollar bills very soon. It’s that important!

And so with Jack Lew’s signature even trending on Twitter I simply had to put it up for you to take a look!

So here is the now famous signature affectionately or otherwise known as the “loopy signature.”

All kinds of comments have been made about this signature.  Some have called it secretive others even cuddly!

Many have suggested that he should change it to a more recognizable form – presumably for the purposes of clarity. Even president Obama suggested that he make at least one letter legible!

But that’s a terrible idea! Don’t even think about it Jack Lew. Don’t downgrade your unique signature to the mediocre and run of the mill variety. Keep your individuality!

Apparently Timothy Geithner the previous secretary of the treasury traded his rather noble signature for something very unimpressive and scratchy.

What a sacrifice he made! He forfeited his own, personal, hard-won and genuine signature in favour of legibility so that it became a travesty of its former self. No surprise that it lost its former noble character and individuality.

But back to Lew’s signature – and an interesting exercise for you to try.

You can actually get the feel of his signature by copying the loops in the air with your finger. Starting at the J (if you can find it) try to trace along the curves and you’ll be able to simulate the comfortable movement within the boundaries of its rolling direction.

For like the waves of the sea it goes on and on and on …

Or like the spelling of banana-na-na it somehow forgets to stop! How many loops did you count?

But seriously. The arches known as “arcades” speak of some formality.

It’s a very liquid and fluent signature with no hesitations or hitches and it speaks of quiet confidence in a very unshowy way. There is a lack of bombast or self-advertising.

His signature may be low key in appearance but it shows an underlying unique personality and a fluid style of problem solving.

Hopefully he will be able to solve at least a few of his nation’s and the world’s growing economic problems.

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