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The Magic of Signs and Symbols in Handwriting

Signs and symbols in handwriting

The Signs and Symbols that lead to deeper understanding

A tired and dusty explanation of Graphology is that it simply deals with the interpretation of signs and symbols in handwriting.

But graphology actually goes a lot deeper than that.

It takes us to the threshold of a much wider vista – where an understanding of the mysterious world of personality leads us to an understanding of human nature as a whole.

But it all starts with the little signs and symbols in handwriting.

So when people ask me to teach them the fundamentals of graphology, I think of it as if I were teaching them the basic notes of music.

Those little notes and daunting quavers of themselves tell you nothing of the emotional side of music – nor do they lift you to ride on the wave of a sweeping symphony. But without them, the symphony would never be heard at all.

Similarly, the little signs and symbols in handwriting may be small and discreet but in the bigger picture they are hugely meaningful. Because together they add up to become the components of a much wider canvas.

Not only do they bring us to a greater understanding of the intricacies and wonders of personality; they also lead us to a greater connection with the authentic side of people and human nature itself.

Through these signs and symbols in handwriting you can reach the threshold of greater understanding little by little – till you are ready to take the leap of faith that takes you to that magical place where greater meaning begins to unfold.

And so I see the signs and symbols in handwriting as something more than strokes and letters. I see them as stepping-stones to a deeper understanding that adds more meaning to our lives.


  • Bhupesh
    November 25, 2021

    Very nicely explained ..

    • Graphology World
      November 25, 2021

      Thank you, Bhupesh.

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