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Do you have a unique Personality – different from the crowd?

How Unique are You

If you have a unique personality and an unusual outlook – or if you are original in any way, or even if you are just different from the crowd –  you may be sure that this will come out clearly in your handwriting.

There’s no hiding it! Unusual or unique personality traits are clearly reflected in handwriting.

It makes no difference whether you are conventional and conformist or quirky and unusual – or even wildly different.  Your handwriting will reflect all this.


One of the very first signs of a unique personality is non–conformity. It often happens that people with handwritings that don’t conform to accepted regulations tend to be creative and original.

That’s why, when we try to identify originality in handwriting we look for clever differences, intelligent shortcuts and meaningful departures from pattern. These “departures” from the norm are among the first clues that reveal the unique or creative personality.

Picasso’s handwriting was completely different from the norm and you can see his unconventional quality of lifestyle quite clearly reflected in his handwriting.

Beethoven, one of the world’s greatest musical geniuses had a chaotic looking handwriting.  The exuberant energy that vitalized his music was also evident in his handwriting.

Of course you don’t have to be quirky to be original or intelligent or creative. There have been many geniuses with rather more sedate-looking handwritings and Einstein is just such a case in point.

Indeed, it is well-known that Einstein had his moments of eccentricity! As a professor, he wore his hair long and walked around in shoes without socks at a time when this was seen as totally way out.

But interestingly, his handwriting appears to be mostly conventional and orderly. Probably this was because his mental acuity took precedence over his social quirkiness and he wanted to communicate difficult ideas in a clear and logical manner.

Sometimes distinctiveness emerges in more subtle ways such as in the innovative connections between letters indicating either speed of thought or originality. In fact, speed of thought and originality are two important clues when checking for genius in handwriting.

Uniqueness comes in many forms and in many guises. But it’s all there in the handwriting waiting to be found.  You just have to be able to see it.

So take a careful look at your own handwriting.  You may surprise yourself!

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