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14 Famous Signatures

What do these Famous Signatures Reveal?

Famous signatures have long been collected by people all over the world and throughout the ages.  Even today, people collect autographs of their favorite actors and sports stars.

When I was a child, autograph collecting was a popular hobby. But being able to see what they actually reveal about the individuals concerned gives an added and exciting dimension.

Graphologists who know what to look for in signatures get a fascinating glimpse into the personalities and temperaments of these celebrities

For example, someone with a very large and imposing signature wants to give an impression of importance. On the other hand, the individual who has a very small and insignificant signature is likely to be self-effacing.

This is just a rule of thumb and you will presume correctly that there is a lot more to signature reading.

But just to give you a base to work from here is the handwriting and signature of the writer Elizabeth Barrett Browning.



The most obvious thing that it tells us about her is that she is modest and unassuming. Her signature is as legible and plain as her handwriting.  There is no change of style or size.

Graphology Infographic

I was fortunate to receive the following infographic from Emma Welsh of the autograph company called Invaluable.

Now there are many autograph collectors and companies that source historical and famous signatures such as these. And rare signatures are often sold for large sums of money.

To quote Emma:

“Aside from an autograph’s ability to preserve a particular moment in history, each is unique in its own right. So unique in fact, that some are willing to pay thousands, even millions to own the unique copies of famous ones”


But while I cannot vouch for the correctness of every comment about the famous signatures below I do love the way she has put together this interesting graphology infographic.

Take a look. And do let me know what you think of the signatures. If you have something to add or even dispute if you wish, your comments will not only be noted and appreciated but they will also add value to the article.



In future, whenever you sign your name be very, very careful that there are no graphologists looking over your shoulder. Your signature may just disclose more about you than you care to reveal!

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  • User Avatar
    April 10, 2022

    JAMES JOYCE – Whilst the 2 “J’s” appear large the inside curvature/loop is small, what could that mean some jealousy or other negative streak ? They look also like a PPI “I” too.

  • Graphology World
    April 10, 2022

    Not jealousy loops – Just a minimalistic approach and a decisive no-nonsense attitude. Also notice the subjection of his first name to his surname. He may have been dominated by his father.

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