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school bullying must be stopped

School Bullying rears its Ugly Head Again

Why is school bullying increasing at such an alarming rate? And why are schools so powerless to stop it?

4 Comments / 349 View / August 16, 2016

Need Attention

The Need for Attention in Handwriting

When our need to be noticed becomes so deeply ingrained in our personalities that it becomes outwardly obvious, it also becomes apparent in our handwriting.

2 Comments / 885 View / June 17, 2016

school bullying

Bullying at School – A Child’s Worst Nightmare

You can tell a lot about bullies and their victims simply by glancing at their handwriting. It’s obvious even to a lay person.

0 Comments / 453 View / November 25, 2015

The Face Behind the Mask

When people wear masks they feel a lot safer. No-one can see their vulnerabilities. But they are really like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

4 Comments / 2948 View / August 24, 2015

The Bogey of Perfectionism

Save your Child from the Bogey of Perfectionism

How can you tell if the child you are dealing with is too much of a perfectionist?

2 Comments / 422 View / January 14, 2015

Sadness and frustration

Sadness and frustration are reflected in handwriting

Sadness can settle on our personalities like a cloud that won’t lift and when this happens it is reflected in the way we walk, in the way we carry our heads and even in the way we dress.

It becomes a part of how we express ourselves and when it reaches that stage, it’s hardly surprising that it is also reflected in our handwriting.

1 Comment / 1722 View / October 10, 2011

The Need for Attention

The need for attention can manifest in strange ways and sometimes it takes on bizarre forms. But basically it’s about the need to be heard and a desire for recognition.

1 Comment / 215 View / July 12, 2010

The Inability to Assert Yourself

The inability to assert yourself is a fear that comes in many guises and it can have several repercussions. For reasons of your own you prefer to avoid even the tiniest possibility of a conflict.

1 Comment / 1460 View / July 8, 2010

Private Fears and personal demons

Private Fears and Personal Demons

Our private fears and personal demons may look small to someone else but in our own minds they loom hugely like dark, threatening shadows.

2 Comments / 687 View / July 5, 2010

Ugly handwriting

Ugly Handwriting and what it Says about You

Ugly handwriting is always individualistic because this type of writer is an independent thinker. You will notice that this writer does not always fit in with the expectations of society.

28 Comments / 454265 View / June 28, 2010