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How to find the Genius within

Albert Einstein

We may not all be full on geniuses but we all have a spark of genius within us.

It may be in the  form of a talent or a skill that you haven’t fully developed or it may be an unusual ability that you had never really thought about seriously. Whatever it is,  the trick is to be able to find it and recognize it even if it is only a spark. Because, who knows? You may just be able to fan that small spark into a flame!

Until comparatively recently, we only associated genius with great men such as Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci or Mozart.

But we should never assume that genius is only about intelligence or art. The new thinking is that genius can be found in areas that we had never before associated with genius.

Types of Genius

For example, Bill Gates is a computer genius and so was Apple’s Steve Jobs. In politics, Mandela revealed leadership and humanitarian qualities that transcends those of most leaders of this century – and indeed the previous one.

Nadia Comaneci the remarkable young gymnast amazed the world at the tender age of 14 when she achieved no less than 7 perfect scores at the 1976  Olympic games in Montreal.

There is no doubt that you will be able to expand on this theme with ease.  In fact, at this very moment there are budding geniuses somewhere in the world just waiting to be discovered.

But now we turn to the really interesting part:

How to find Genius in Handwriting

The question that interests us as Graphologists or handwriting analysts is – how can we detect genius in handwriting?

Obviously we cannot simply pick out a sign in handwriting and call it a sign of genius!  But if we know what particular combination of signs to look for, it makes things a lot easier for us.

Now this is where the real genius of Graphology comes in. Because as a graphologist you would know what these combinations were.

The combination of signs is very important in graphology.

For example, if you have a small irregular handwriting with a lot of tall upper loops it would show that you are a theoretical, innovative thinker.

On the other hand, contrary to most expectations, perfect handwriting is not a requirement for excellence. Which is why genius can be found in wild, volatile handwriting such as we see in the handwriting of Picasso.

There really is no one size that fits all when it comes to handwriting.  And that is as it should be because one of the most telling things about handwriting is that it reveals uniqueness.

So if you haven’t yet found your spark of genius – maybe you should  take a look at your handwriting.  You never can tell what you will find there!

How to identify the signs of genius in handwriting:  The Mark of Genius



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