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Signs of Genius in Einstein’s Handwriting

Einstein's handwriting

Einstein’s Genius and Humility

Albert Einstein probably the most renowned physicist of the 20th century was not only famous for his genius but also for his humility.  “I have no special talents,”  he said. “I am only passionately curious.”

Nevertheless, his theory of relativity, his contribution to the theory of atomic energy, his concepts about space and time and a great deal more, completely revolutionized scientific thinking for the 20th century and beyond.

And although his theories made it possible for future generations to exploit the power of the atom he was a pacifist and very concerned about the destructive potential of the atom bomb and its implications for humanity.

He believed in the importance of communication and empathy in resolving conflicts.

“Peace cannot be kept by force,” he wrote. “It can only be achieved by understanding.”

Einstein’s Handwriting

Albert Einstein wrote with a small, angular and rather regular hand.

Sharp angles can sometimes show aggression but in Einstein’s handwriting you will notice how fine the angular connections are. He was no fighter. The angles in his handwriting are  purely of an intellectual nature and show his investigative and intellectual curiosity.

In his handwriting, the high t-bars refer to his theoretical leanings and idealistic values while the small, even-sized words, clear spacing and closely dotted i’s point to his unwavering concentration and meticulous attention to detail.

Einstein's handwriting

Einstein’s fully connected handwriting points to a logical style of thinking. But it also shows intellectual intuition in the elegant finesse and the tiny pauses that break the words up now and then like small breathing spaces.

There is also some elegance in the design of the capital “E” of his signature.

The capital “A” in Einstein’s signature shows an aesthetic appreciation of beauty and simplicity and indeed his equations are known for their beautiful simplicity.

He saw majesty and beauty in the universe and though he was not formally religious he had a depth of spirituality. It’s also interesting to note that he was an accomplished violinist.

Einstein’s Eccentric Sense of Humour

Einstein may have taken some satisfaction in his reputation as something of an eccentric.

He wore odd matching clothes and his wild, unruly hair was one of his most famous trademarks. He reportedly never combed it and sometimes even used a motorcycle helmet to flatten it down!

He refused to learn how to drive a car and preferred riding his bicycle even to lectures which he delivered without socks!

“Even on the most solemn occasions, I got away without wearing socks and hid the lack of civilisation in high boots,” he wrote to his cousin, Elsa.

A Letter to Tesla

Einstein was in contact with many geniuses of his time.

Here is a letter that he wrote to Tesla:


Einstein handwriting and letter to Tesla


When you look at his handwriting with its straight lines, even size and clear inter-line spacing you realize that his real personality was cultured and indeed  rather conservative despite his eccentricities.

Clearly there is a great deal more to discuss about his handwriting and personality.

At any rate, Einstein’s handwriting is featured In The Mark of Genius  where you will also see many more handwriting samples of geniuses together with detailed descriptions explaining each handwriting sample.

The Mark of Genius


  • charlie benedetti
    March 1, 2023

    The form, spacing, size, t bars, upper-lower loop balance, precise punctuation, etc. etc….. reveal overall balance and rhythm which reflects intelligence…………but
    MORE THAN THAT , what further brings out his intelligence is his consistency
    of all these formations…………..not one sign of deviation………no patch up or correction—–his writing moves along the base line with all these formations perfectly the same. THAT IN ITSELF SHOWS REMARKABLE INTELLIGENCE

    • Graphology World
      March 1, 2023

      A great observation, Charlie! The writing is certainly consistent in the main but with many little variations too because of so much cerebral activity.

  • Varda Rose
    March 1, 2023

    Hi Sandra and all,
    Thanks for this interesting exchange and fascinating sample! what I am noticing is the activity in the upper zone letters – unusual forms, high i dot marks – curiosity, imagination and creativity… also how squashed and vague are his mz letters and splotchy pressure pattern – so with his brilliant mind there was low EQ, lack of emotional availability and temper – an intimate disaster was far as I am concerned…
    His signature is same style and size as text – what you saw is what you got, humility too… so all in all quite an interesting man!

    • Graphology World
      March 1, 2023

      Hi Varda
      Your comments about his low EQ and lack of emotional ability could be valid according to some biographical details. All in all a very interesting handwriting – I suppose complexity is to be expected.

  • User Avatar
    Katrina Malachowski
    March 1, 2023

    What wonderful analysis and insight! A great read.

    • Graphology World
      March 1, 2023

      Thank you Katrina. Glad you liked it!

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