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The A-type Personality – 8 Handwriting Signs

If you happen to know anyone with an Type personality you will have gathered that he or she is a human dynamo. These people are go-getters with outgoing, exuberant natures.

A Type people are natural leaders and thrive in positions of authority. They tend to be ambitious and competitive. They are also hard-working and driven. And because they are results orientated they are very often successful.

These individuals are often leaders and decision makers. They are likely to head companies and hold positions of authority because they are achievers. As they are in constant need of stimulation they are likely to lead fast paced life styles with a taste for fast cars and action.

With all these powerful traits, A Type people can also be controlling, impatient and even aggressive. They also tend to over-react. And as relaxation is not a word in their vocabularies they are often highly stressed.

Examples of people with Type A personalities: Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Napoleon.

Clearly in any relationship it would be advisable to understand what makes such an individual tick. Because although these people can be warm and generous they can also be irritable and impatient.

Fortunately it is possible to identify a number of revealing traits from this type of individual’s handwriting.

The most obvious thing about A-type handwriting is that it shows energy – the latent energy of a coiled spring that looks as if it is ready to strike.

Here is a sample of a typical A Type handwriting:

Napoleon’s handwriting

Napoleon’s handwriting has many signs that reveal his Type A  personality. The signs are all illustrated and explained in “The A-Type Personality” which is available to all subscribers.



What about your own Personality?

Can you see signs of drive, intelligence and the ability to make quick decisions?

The good news is that you can very easily check your handwriting for A-type signs. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Large handwriting
  • Long t-bars or other horizontal strokes
  • Speed of writing
  • Left margin widens towards the bottom of page
  • Firm pressure
  • Large lower loops showing action
  • Individualized style
  • Generous use of space

Note:  An A-type handwriting will need to have at least 5 or 6 of these signs.

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