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Finding the Clues in Handwriting – where there’s Smoke there’s Fire.

Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire. Clues in handwriting

Finding the Clues in Handwriting

This wonderful vintage print “Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire” comes from the Swann Collection at the Library of Congress. It was created by Russell Patterson in about 1925.

Such sophisticated elegance! It recreates the mood of the fashionable word of the 1920’s so exquisitely.

It takes me back to my early childhood where I clearly remember an aunt I admired who also had a fashionably long cigarette holder. She wielded it with the same elegance so finely reproduced in this picture.

But I stray from my theme: “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Clues in Handwriting

You see, this is all about finding the clues in handwriting which dictate and formulate the direction that your personality report will take.

Handwriting gives us many clues and it is up to us to take note of them.

But here’s the important thing.

Hidden among these clues there is usually one clue that stands out above all the others. It is your dominant clue and it is the main feature around which your personality report will be built.

This is your “smoking gun.” It points to the fire in the personality.

Either it will be a personality trait that lights up the whole personality like gentle kindness or it will be a signal of the smoke that consumes the personality and reduces it to a wreck.

Take a look at the following handwriting sample where that dominant clue points to the unravelling of the personality into chaos.


Manson handwriting


The dominant clue in this handwriting that stands out above all the other is – anger. It flashes anger from every angle.

It stands out as a forceful personality trait and it is corroborated by a powerful collection of handwriting clues that proves our point.

Our first clue is in the dark pastosity of the ductus in some of the words such as in “past” “start” and “last.”

The irregularity of the forms and the uneven base line point to inconsistency so you won’t know where his anger is coming from.

Look at the long t-bar in the third line and the resentment strokes that abound. And then look at the way the whole paragraph rises in angry euphoria.

It is the handwriting of Charles Manson the cult leader.

Isn’t it fascinating to see how just a few handwriting clues can reveal so much?


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  • Varda
    April 24, 2022

    Hi Sandra,

    What stands out to me is the distortions in every marker – so no matter what happens to him, it will be twisted,,, add that to the violence and diminished cognitive ability and you get a major threat to public safety by this psychopath.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting sample!


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