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Graphology is not a Party Game – but it’s Addictive

Graphology is not a party trickultation

Graphology is too addictive and alluring for its own good.

If you think this is a peculiar statement to make, hear me out.

The fact is: graphology attracts a lot of attention because of the alluring aura that surrounds it. People are intrigued by it.

They find that laser-like enquiry into their own personalities irresistible.

And when they see how graphologists are able to pinpoint their personalities in a matter of a few minutes they are understandably spellbound.

Unfortunately it is this very alluring quality that encourages them to look at graphology as a rather fascinating party trick better suited to social occasions rather than a serious discipline that provides needed value.

Even more disappointing is the fact that there are some who having dabbled in handwriting analysis promote it as a means to help them pry into other people’s lives.

The truth is that graphology is none of these things.

Of course, graphology is not a party game. But how many people know this?

The serious side of graphology is largely unknown and is an aspect that is seldom focused on. Mostly this can be attributed to the sensationalism that is unfortunately associated with graphology.

The fact is that graphology is a serious discipline employed by professionals such as psychologists, human resource managers and others to provide them with added insight into the personalities of the people they are trying to help.

Finding value and meaning

This is not the place to describe all the benefits of graphology. But one of the lesser known perks is that the actual study of graphology is not only addictive – it adds quality and greater meaning to your life. And just as importantly, you can use it to add value to the lives of others

You can provide them with value by showing them how to understand themselves, their friends and family as well as those on the periphery of their immediate circles. In fact, you can even help them to find reasons and indeed answers to some of their personal issues.

Graphology is certainly not a party game and it has nothing to do with magic or sleight of hand either. It is actually based on painstaking investigation and meticulous research.

In short, research has shown that there is a definite link between personal presentation and handwriting. In other words there is a connection between the way you present yourself to the outside world – and the expression of  your personality as reflected in your handwriting.

How you present yourself is reflected in your handwriting

As a simple example you can easily see how a timid, tentative person will have a tiny, restricted handwriting like this:

Low confidence

While an assertive, confident person will have a large, bold handwriting like this:

As clear as this is to see in handwriting it’s interesting to observe how often people are stymied and confused when trying to describe their own personalities.

While certain aspects such as introversion and extroversion may be difficult for them to assess objectively it’s a comparatively easy matter for a graphologist to discern with accuracy.

As a qualified graphologist your are well-equipped to reveal people’s strengths and in so doing help them to build their confidence and self-esteem.

By disclosing their weaknesses and identifying their fears and insecurities you can point out the stumbling blocks that are holding them back and help them to understand the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their dreams.

In fact it is no exaggeration to say that where they feel discouraged you can inspire; and where they feel worthless you can give them hope and encouragement.

These are some of the objectives that the graphologist aspires to.

Of course it cannot be achieved overnight without a certain amount of study, but this is how you can make a difference to peoples lives. In our present difficult times these are worthy goals to aim for.

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