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How to Discover your Secret Self

Your Secret Self

It makes perfect sense to want to find out more about your secret self. But unfortunately,  it’s just like an iceberg and most of it is submerged in a sea of obscurity.

If you thought you could uncover it with a few simple questions – you’d be quite wrong. Because it is one of the most difficult things to find or pin down. It’s an elusive mystery and an ever-moving target.

Your secret self is really about who you are deep down. And because it comprises so much of your personality it affects every aspect of your life.

Just close your eyes for a moment and think about the following question:

Do you know what stands out about you and sets you apart from others?

It’s a simple question but you’ll agree that it’s tricky to answer. You see, it’s not about the opinion that you have of yourself. And it’s not about the side that you show to others. It’s about getting to know that part of yourself that guards your deepest feelings and your biggest dreams.

Your Secret Self

Your secret self has an impact on every facet of your life. It is the engine that powers both your present and your future. Not only does it have bearing on your talents, skills and creativity it also holds the core of your potential. This is about the real you and there can be no imitations.

Most people spend years – often their entire lives trying to find the answers to this great secret. But you don’t have to. Because the answers are right there in your very own handwriting.

You see, your handwriting records live impressions of your moods and emotions, your strengths and your failings, your triumphs and your frustrations. It’s all set out in detail for you in black and white.

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