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School Bullying and the Signs in Your Child’s Handwriting

School bullying

How School Bullying Shows up in a Child’s Handwriting

Once again it’s the beginning of a school year where sadly, we have to think of school bullying again. Thousands of children are returning to school or starting out on their school careers.

It’s a daunting prospect for many moms who suspect that it won’t necessarily be an easy ride for their children. School isn’t always the best time of a child’s life.

And even though schools are supposed to be havens of safety for children this isn’t always the case. There are school bullies out there and they can make a child’s worst nightmare come true.

School Bullying – A Playground Menace

Sadly no school can guarantee safety from bullying and many schools have become hunting grounds for bullies.

Of course bullying isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Bullies have always lurked around the school playgrounds. But what has changed is the scale and the brutality of bullying.

In the not too distant past there have been killings at schools and colleges and there is that horrible new word “bullicide” – suicide as a result of bullying.


And then of course there’s Cyberbullying

Children who are bullied at school can also suffer from bullying in their homes. Cellphones and computers are the tools that bullies use and victims of bullying feel that they are surrounded on all sides. There seems to be no escape from them and they can become desperate.

Furthermore cyberbullying can occur at any time of the day or night. The messages that these bullies send out are often inappropriate as well as harassing and they can distribute them freely and widely.

One of the worst aspects is that it makes children feel so helpless. In fact, many children tend to suffer in silence and keep their suffering to themselves.

There are all sorts of reasons for this. But sadly, because children are so reticent to talk about it, the people who really need to know about it are usually the last to know.

As a handwriting analyst I focus on bullying as seen through the lens of handwriting; the handwriting of bullies as well as their victims. And believe me, you can tell a lot about the personalities of bullies as well as the personalities of their victims simply from their handwriting.

Not only can you identify the victims of school bullying from their handwriting but you can spot the bullies from their aggressive handwriting too.

In my book “School Bullying” I show how you can instantly see the amazing differences between the handwriting of bullies and the children who are most likely to become their victims.

You can spot a sensitive child easily from his or her handwriting.  And you can see a potential bully just as easily.

It’s perfectly accessible for laymen. But more importantly I think it’s essential information that can help parents and teachers deal with the scourge of school bullying. I

It could even help adults who are under the intolerable yolk of this unacceptable form of abuse.

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