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Your Personality Type: Conventional or Eccentric?


Do you tend to be a regular, conventional type of person who tends to keep a low profile – or are you a way-out type of individual who could be classified as eccentric?

Most people like to conform and prefer to lead regular lives. They are the conservative, salt of the earth type of people who stick to the middle of the road in both outlook and manner.

And then there are those who stand out in a crowd no matter what. You can’t ignore them because they are quick to grab the limelight and take the lead.

They are easy to identify. You can see it in their exotic style of dress, in their manner of speaking and in their general deportment. Sometimes they simply like to stand out and be different – just because they can. But it’s also apparent that they have an element of originality and creativity.

It’s exactly the same with handwriting.

Do you remember the students at your school who were gifted with neat and pleasing handwriting? They probably had a high rating with the teachers too because of their orderliness, predictability and reliability. They were the conventional types whose handwriting shows that they adhered to the rules.

But what about those other personalities who have what can only be called peculiar-looking handwriting?  You only need to take one glance at a page to see how noticeably the eccentricities and oddities stand out.

Simply from the general style of the handwriting you can tell if a writer is original and creative or if he merely imitates or copies other people and their ideas. It will also indicate peculiar or eccentric leanings.

Lets take a look at the following examples of –

Two Different Personality Types.

This first handwriting belongs to the conventional writer.  You can see how it is balanced and organized.  In a way it’s rather plain and conservative compared to the handwriting that follows.




Now here is a very different type of handwriting. It is a very individualistic signature. Dynamic and unusual it does not conform to any mould.

There are strong elements of creativity – and in addition a touch of idiosyncrasy too!

There is no right or wrong here.  These are just two examples of completely different personality types.

The fascinating part is the striking way in which handwriting reflects these differences.

Now take a look at your own handwriting.  Just a glance should quickly reveal if you are a law-abiding conventional type or if you are a spirited eccentric!

Which camp do you fit into?


  • Fluffy
    October 19, 2017

    Yes, handwriting and a signature are totally different, how can you compare the two and make decisive judgements based on that comparison?

  • User Avatar
    Sandra Fisher
    October 19, 2017

    A discrepancy between the handwriting and signature is quite significant. The signature shows how the writer would like to present himself while the handwriting reveals what the writer is really like.

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